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20yr reunion 3?AM off.R. Rivera: tail light bulb fell out of reflective lens. I was professionally tested for fitness to drive. after completing the thorough investigation, the officers and I agreed to my fitness. they were professional and respectful



boon dockin'; neighbors called (inevitably) two cops showed up. off. Cory Hoffman and another officer checked out our friends claim of ownership to the vacant lot. all checked out. told some stories had some laughs; met two more of our finest. TY NOLA


this is a test from Jared



Trooper Richardson of Howard County MO displayed exceptional public service aiding us on the side of a hazardous roadway while waiting for tow in the wind & cold.

Andrew knapp

In Oct. 2003 Officer Andrew Knapp MHP. Arrested me for my 4th DUI! I had just done some work on his house! I was so DRUNK he could not let me go! That was the last time I Drank! Now being July 4th 2014

Russ Taylor